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allygatr incubates and invests in HR & Recruiting companies in Germany. We provide deep operational support to entrepreneurs and help them build market-leading companies.

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What we offer

allygatr offers unique advantages for founders. Creating a company is the hardest thing in business, and people who haven’t done it, don’t really understand. We increase your odds of success based on what we have learned as founders ourselves.

Quick Decisions, Partnership and emotional support

allygatr is fully independent. You can rely on quick decisions. We know that in the beginning nobody cares, and that success looks all too easy looking back. The biggest danger to bold business ideas is to lose faith too quickly. We will help you pick yourself back up when setbacks happen.

Up to 70% of company equity for the founding team

Building a company together is as intense a business relationship as it gets. We want this relationship to be long-term oriented, fair and super-stable. Our companies’ success rests on the long-term motivation and drive of our founders. That’s why we always have their best interest in mind. It’s your startup. We are (only) here to help you be successful.

Large expert and support network

allygatr has a high-caliber network of people working in software and web technology as well as recruiting, marketing and Sales. Our advisory network is second to none for anyone building a business in recruiting / hr.

Quick MVP access to B2B customers

We are strong believers in the lean-startup approach. Being able to discuss and test your solution hypotheses or MVP with B2B customers of all sizes is a massive advantage. We have quick access to thousands of B2B customers across the entire HR / Recruiting landscape.

We’re looking for future founders